In the years since the Publius Enigma was first announced on the newsgroup there have been numerous theories advanced about its purpose and its solution. I believe that the enigma is a word puzzle, created by the the author and contained in the messages posted at that time. This website details the evidence I have found which appears to support this belief.

"Although all great music is subject to multiple interpretations, in this case there is a central  purpose and a designed solution.  For the ingenious person (or group of persons) who recognizes this - and where this information points to - a unique prize has been secreted." - Publius

Note: This website contains no background or introductory information. If you are unfamiliar with the Publius Enigma, please take the time to visit Eric Spiering's web site.

The messages themselves

Publius posted several messages during his brief visit to, but many of them were reposts or consisted of general discussion. Since only three of them appear to contain coded messages, they are the only ones reproduced here. All the posts, with headers, can be found at Eric's site.

The codes found in the messages (so far)

What does it all mean, and how can I start?