Great Big Sea's Albums

The Hard and the Easy (2005)
Great Big Sea's newest album is an all-acoustic album of Newfoundland folk songs.  Released in October, it debuted at #3 in Canada and was certified as gold in November. It includes a 50 minute DVD of the band performing the songs live in a kitchen party setting.  It's on the Rounder/Zoe label in the U.S. 
Something Beautiful* (2004)
This album was the band's fifth U.S. release, and their seventh Canadian release.  It debuted in the top 5 in Canada upon its release, and was certified as gold in May 2004.  It's on the Rounder/Zoe label in the U.S.
Great Big DVD (2003 - Canada; 2004 - U.S.)
Great Big Sea's first-ever DVD features a 20 song concert, plus 13 music videos, 3 karaoke videos, an exclusive tour documentary and home movies. It was quickly certified triple platinum in Canada. The U.S. release on the Rounder/Zoe label includes a bonus audio disc of the concert.
Sea of No Cares (2002)
This album was the band's fourth U.S. release, and their sixth Canadian release.  It debuted at #1 in Canada upon its release and was quickly certified as gold, then platinum in November 2005.  It's on the Rounder/Zoe label in the U.S.
Road Rage (2000)
This live album was recorded all across Canada in the fall of 1999 during the "Turn" tour, and was certified as gold in Canada.  If you're new to Great Big Sea's music and you've seen their live show or you're wondering what their live show is like, this album is a good start. In the U.S., it's on Rounder/Tidemark USA.
Turn (1999 - Canada; 2000 - U.S.)
Released on Sire Records in the U.S., this album was certified as platinum in Canada soon after its release.  We did our own writeup on this album which you can read here.  This album has the first French song recorded by Great Big Sea, "Trois Navires de Blé".  Go here for the song's lyrics, our translation, and guitar chords.
Rant and Roar (1998 - U.S.)
Great Big Sea got serious about the U.S. with the release of this album on Sire Records.  It's a collection of the best tracks from Up And Play, plus it has the radio version of "End of the World", which is different from the version found on Play.
Play (1997 - Canada)
Certified triple platinum in May 2004, it's the band's second-best selling album.
Up (1995 - Canada)
Certified quadruple platinum in September 2000, it has achieved the highest sales numbers of any Great Big Sea album yet.
Great Big Sea (1993 - Canada; 2004 - U.S.)
Originally independantly released, it was certified as gold in Canada in November 2000.

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